Refund Policies

Cancellation/Refund, Coupon Code and Membership Renewal Policies

If you wish for a refund, you must cancel streaming access within 24 hours of initial purchase. You will receive amount paid less credit card fees which are not refundable to Mama Cat, PEA.

Most of the hard copy portion of your package may be replaced or refunded within 30 days of the ship date. The USB flash drives are ineligible for refund and replacement.

If there is a special promotion using coupon codes, please confirm spelling and case of the special code given, and that the offered discount reflects in total before confirming purchase. Discounts may not be retroactively honored.

Membership: Your chosen package includes one year complimentary membership.
Membership includes:

~ streaming access to Superpower episodes 11 & 12;
~ streaming audio of all 12 episodes;
~ access to newly created monthly content;
~ access to all recorded offerings.

Auto Renewal: To continue receiving membership benefits, your account is set to renew automatically one year from initial purchase. You will be charged annually (quarterly and monthly options are not available). You will receive notice before your initial form of payment is charged to give you the opportunity to cancel auto-renewal and therefore, membership.

If you choose to cancel your Mind’s Eye or Crown membership, you will still have access to view episodes 1- 10 at your leisure.

At a later date, if you wish to renew the membership you once had, you may return to your account to reset the auto-renewal option. Once reset, your account will be charged immediately for a full year of membership and your auto-renewal date will begin again that month.

Mind’s Eye & Crown Membership Refunds: Refunds are available at any time and will be prorated based on the month a refund is requested, less credit card fees which are not refundable to Mama Cat, PEA.