In order for future generations to be at peace and guide those who are not, we must raise our children peacefully.

This month, we had a unique opportunity to learn how to do that from three Superpower experts: Dr. Jude Currivan, Cosmologist & Planetary Healer, Nicola Farmer, Teacher of Higher Consciousness, and David Sauvage, Professional Empath.

Below are a few of the takeaways our Superpower audience received from this unique panel experience:

“​​… accept humility in not having all the answers…’”

“… it’s ok to tell my son that I haven’t a clue what I’m doing or that something makes me feel uncomfortable – rather than just not explaining it…”

“Honor the child, for their innate wisdom and talents….”

“How to communicate authentically and being present makes a child feel heard, I never felt heard as a child now I understand why.”

“… Always explain why you say no, even if it is because you are uncomfortable, let them know that, don’t hide yourself and your feelings from your children.”

“…Surrender, Accept, Release, Allow Harmony :)…”