Superpower’s Holiday Gift-Giving Preview
November 22-28, 2022 is here!!

Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence,
 a documentary film series that explores the science of intuition.

Its mission is to give people the volition to jettison the pressures of external sources and reclaim and operate from one’s internal authority to positively affect change.

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When current inventory is sold out, it will take a few months to make more and so your gift recipient might not get their physical items until after the new year. They will, however, have streaming access to episodes 1-12 right away.

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Below are short samples pulled from the 10 main episodes highlighting the incredible variety of topics Superpower addresses.

The Power of the Intuitive

Childhood’s Pure Potential

Communicating with Animals

Prepare Your Antenna

Ease Into Work

How We Are All Connected

Energy Heals Intuitively

Intuition Gender Trap


Consciousness Rising

You have the choice of four packages: 

The three main packages offer unlimited online access to episodes 1-10, over eight hours of enjoyment. Mind’s Eye and Crown contain an additional two episodes. Not ready for the full film? Join SP LIVE! annual membership and access all monthly programs since May of 2021.

The Crown Offers Even More

The Crown package offers items not found in the other two packages: one softcover book of the transcripts for episodes 1-12 plus nearly 60 hours of additional interview material with 38 of our experts in the film.

These additional samples are from the two bonus episodes available in the Mind’s Eye and Crown packages.

Eating Intuitively

The Invisible Gifts of the Theremin

Why is the Superpower documentary film series the perfect gift?

  1. Encourages your loved ones to feel confident about using their intuition
  2. Send the message that in order to maintain peak health, freedom, normalcy, peace, and a joyful planet, we MUST act on the answers and direction we receive from within
  3. Help spread compassion and love
  4. Opens up the door to more meaningful, intimate conversations
  5. Build bridges
  6. An easier way to come out of the intuitive closet
  7. Help your loved ones understand you better
  8. A way to spread the seeds of support in your network
  9. Build community
  10. Build the spiritual immune system
  11. Start a discussion group about consciousness and use Superpower as your first easy assignment
  12. To help independent thinkers, feelers, and healers prevail
  13. No more waiting around for future free viewings (especially since there is nothing scheduled 😉 )
  14. Support an independent filmmaker
  15. Get it for yourself to keep you feeling motivated

Giving Superpower as a gift? The only catch is to complete the checkout process for each gift separately to ensure each recipient will receive exactly what is coming to only them.

These short samples below are from just a few of the full-length archived interviews we used to cut this film series. All 38 interviews can only be found in the Crown package.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist – Author, The Biology of Belief

Dr. Glen Rein, Quantum Biologist

Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Cognitive Neuroscientist – Futurist

Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Science

Dr. Carl Johann Calleman, Quantum Theorist – Maya Historian

Charles Eisenstein, Thought Leader

Dr. Beverly Rubik, Biophysicist, Institute for Frontier Medicine

Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research, Heartmath Institute

David Lion, Hypnotist, Psychic

Dr. Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Planetary Healer

NOW is the time in modern history where the practice of listening to your inner guidance and following through is IMPERATIVE.  Doing so will lead you towards—and keep you on the path of—a healthy, joyful life.

SP LIVE! is the monthly program where we bring the experts in the film to you directly to experience their latest discoveries and more in-depth teachings.

While Superpower email subscribers are invited to join free of charge, only members have access to the recordings to watch at their leisure.

SP LIVE! Trailer


Mind’s Eye



Jettison external sources – Go within to decide!