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January: David Sauvage, Professional Empath, Live Your Truth

February: Nicola Farmer, Teacher of Higher Consciousness

March: Rick Snyder, Intuitive Business Consultant

April: Mona Delfino, Energy Medicine Practitioner

May: Miranda Alcott, Animal Intuitive

June: Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Quantum Theorist

July: Dr. Bradley Nelson, Author, The Emotion Code®

August: Annaliese Reid, DNA Reprogramming Expert

September: David Sauvage, Professional Empath, Live Your Truth II

October: Dr. Clare Johnson, Lucid Dreaming

November: Susanne J. Wilson, Intuition Expert

December: TBD

2021 (now available)

May: Dr. Glen Rein’s Paper Used by Annaliese Reid to Heal Herself

June: Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Psychokinesis, Energy Healing, Manifestation

July: Annaliese Reid, Reprogramming Your DNA

August: Sky Nelson-Isaacs, A Quantum Physics Life Lesson

September: Dr. Susan Shumsky, Connecting with Spirit

October: Dr. Brad Nelson, Body Code Demonstration w/ Q&A

November: Dr. Clare Johnson, How to Transform Our Reality through lucid dreaming techniques

December: Special Panel, Raising Our World's Peacemakers w/ Dr. Jude Currivan, Nicola Farmer, David Sauvage



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Episode 1 - The Power of the Intuitive

  • A brush-up of what falls under the intuitive umbrella
  • What is the source of consciousness?  Or, is consciousness our Source?
  • Why consciousness is not fundamental in science.  Why it is considered taboo.
  • From a physicist's perspective, how humankind came to believe we are separate
  • Why one cannot successfully understand consciousness from a materialist perspective
  • How we are programmed
  • What our deep stories really are and what effect that holds on our life
  • How we can help the “hopeless” with mental time travel
  • The biggest downfall to understanding our universe
  • The foundation of what everything is made from
  • Proof that our DNA is not our destiny
  • Scientific studies on distinguishing different spirit frequencies

Episode 3 - Childhood's Pure Potential

  • What do our children need to thrive?
  • What sorts of things might our children be experiencing without our knowledge?
  • How we were taught to distrust our internal sense
  • How we teach our children to distrust their own internal sense
  • What happens when we require our children to use more of their left brain than right?
  • What happens when we help our children stimulate their right brain?
  • What is happening when a child can see using a blindfold?
  • How helping our children cultivate their inner abilities, heals
  • What a child out of alignment looks like
  • Why our children’s abilities shut down

Episode 5 - Communicating with Animals

  • What do we need to do to begin to hear what our animal is trying to tell us?
  • What sorts of things do they wonder about us?
  • In what ways might they care for us?
  • How we affect animals
  • Different ways animals heal humans
  • Concerns our animals might have about us
  • How might our animals communicate to us?
  • What might our animals be trying to tell us?
  • What humans with birds might need to realize
  • How we can improve our relationship with our animal

Episode 7 - Prepare Your Antenna

  • What our conscious and subconscious mind offers
  • What helps one maintain a higher connection to all that a mind offers
  • Why it’s critical to understand the effects of emotional baggage
  • Understanding frequencies, blocked energy, and flow
  • The connection between thoughts and genetics
  • The connection between quantum physics and spirituality
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to our heart-mind connection
  • Why left-brain, analytical-heavy thinking, and fear keep us from connecting
  • Living in the spiritual realm and our physical, human experience
  • Addressing trust issues
  • What it’s like to live a life being guided by Spirit
  • How to leave fear behind

Episode 9 - Ease into Work

  • The best use of our different intelligences for greatest success
  • How much positivity is needed for something to go your way
  • What positivity is and isn’t
  • How to begin to manifest what you want
  • Attention, Intention, and Willpower - when to use what
  • Why intuition is not mystical
  • Five obstacles that get in the way of tapping into our intuition
  • What are the benefits of paying attention to the unexpected things in life?
  • Why is Flow important?
  • The six steps to accessing your own wisdom
  • Why it’s not helpful to be a skeptic
  • Get inspired by those who use their deeper intelligence

Episode 2 - How We Are All Connected

  • In what ways are we connected? How can we prove this?
  • The different energy systems in the human body
  • How does our connection to another being work?
  • How can we measure our connections?
  • Why do we connect with some people and not others?
  • Our connection to the energy fields of our planet
  • How earth energies allow us to communicate
  • Why do we need to be concerned with how we are interacting with The Field?
  • What can we learn from the Mayans?
  • What is dowsing? Earth acupuncture?
  • What have the meridian lines along earth got to do with us?
  • How can Geomancy help us in everyday life?

Episode 4 - Energy Heals Intuitively

  • What is the Biofield?
  • What does our energy body consist of?
  • What are some of the different energies our bodies emit?
  • Are we really made out of matter?
  • What might the potential of ATP be?
  • What happens when you treat water with information?
  • Can we see sound?
  • What sort of effect might “frozen” cymatics have on us without even realizing it?
  • What is sound, really?
  • How are geometric patterns considered sacred?
  • Surprising results after subjecting cells to sound
  • Does everything have a frequency?

Episode 6 - Intuition Gender Trap

  • How are we locked in our gender roles?
  • Reclaiming and embracing our divine masculine and feminine birthrights
  • Is vulnerability necessary?
  • What happens when we create more room for true, deep contact?
  • What are three guiding lights of intuition?
  • What might happen if we allow ourselves to be okay with not knowing, to not having the answers?
  • Why is it so hard to admit we are wrong?
  • The unhelpful cycle of power thought.
  • What can the individual do to work through pain and fear?
  • How can we as a society allow for the expression of masculine and feminine energies, no matter what gender we see in front of us?

Episode 8 - Engage!

  • What does it take to master intuition?
  • What does empathy have to do with intuition?
  • Meditation doesn’t have to be hard - how to make it fun
  • How to get answers to problems more easily
  • Binaural beats - what they are and how they can help
  • How to discern which energy belongs to you and which belongs to another being
  • How to calm the overwhelm empathy can have
  • Why, sometimes, do we feel that we’ve lost our intuition?
  • Fear is contagious  - consider this instead…
  • Discern between your insights - know when they are legit
  • What creates stronger intuition

Episode 10 - Consciousness Rising

  • What the ancients are teaching us, even today 
  • What is it about death that scares us?
  • Two beautiful stories of Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • What chemical we produce naturally that might be helping us have visions
  • How can lucid dreaming help us become more connected?
  • Tips on how to become lucid in our dreams
  • What can it mean to be clairvoyant?
  • About remote viewing
  • How does a scientist study presentience?
  • How time and space does not work the way we think it does
  • What is psychokinesis?
  • Why there is hope that the taboo around our inner abilities will not last

Special Episodes - Mind's Eye & Crown Packages Only

Eating Intuitively with Elyse Resch

  • The messages programmed into us as children around food and eating
  • What intuitive eating is
  • The myths of intuitive eating
  • The bottom line about “diet culture”
  • Intuitive eating guidelines
  • How to tune in to intuitive eating
  • What takes us away from tuning in intuitively
  • What we need to know before we eat too much
  • What is NEAT?
  • Making peace with food with philosophical beliefs

The Invisible Gifts of the Theremin with Carolina Eyck

  • The theremin as a mirror
  • Why the theremin was invented
  • How the invisible becomes real playing the theremin
  • How we must care for our body to maintain control
  • The result of combining freedom and focus

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